Lexington County Farm-City

to strengthen the understanding of farm-city connections that provide food, fiber, and shelter.

City Guy Tyler Ryan and Farmer Luther Kneece on the Kneece Farm in Pelion.

The first job featured in Ag Works was harvesting cotton on the Delano Kneece Farm in Pelion. Luther Kneece and his cousin, Ricky, and their families farm row crops and livestock, independently and collectively.

Luther's farm is in Gilbert and Ricky's is in Pelion. Ricky's son, Kane, works with his father producing row crops - peanuts, corn, and cotton specifically. His son, J.D., raises registered Black Angus Cattle and runs commercial herds. The Kneece family continues to work hard. Their roots run deep in the soil tilled by their forefathers. In reality, farmers like the Kneeces are feeding and clothing a growing population. If they don't do what they do, there may be a time when our country imports more food and fiber than it ships out. 

Ag Works. No one embodies WORK more than the farmer. If you eat at least one meal a day, sleep between cotton sheets, or feed your pet, you depend on agriculture.


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Lexington County Farm-City

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