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About Walther Farms

Walther Farms
  • is a 3rd generation family business
  • a family of sports men and women who love to hunt and fish and who also love to farm
  • is more than 150 people in 14 communities feeding 5 million people
  • delivers products in hours, not days/52 weeks of the year
  • employs innovative farming practices that make potatoes last longer in storage
  • has new technologies to sustain and monitor environments ideal to storing potatoes
  • is very purposeful when planning fields to match what customers want and need and when
  • has developed a comprehensive training, reporting and control process that improves handling of potatoes from ground to machine, and machine to storage to ensure bruise-free delivery to customers for superior overall quality in each shipment
  • cultivates career opportunities for people


Walther Farms Production

  • The Walthers can run the entire farm from an Ipad or Iphone anywhere in the world.
  • A potato planter is used to plant seed potatoes 6 to 8 inches deep.
  • Seed potatoes have been on the farm 3-4 years depending on variety before planting.
  • Seed potatoes start as seeds started in the greenhouse.
  • Potential prodution is 15 to 20 tons per acre of harvestable crop at full speed.
  • It takes 110-120 days before harvest in June and July. The rest of the ground will be used for rotational or cover crops.
  • Walther is able to plant about 50 acres a day in a 12-hour period.

City Guy Tyler Ryan, Loni Rikard Lexington County Farm City,
and Jeremy Walther of Walther Farm

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