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to strengthen the understanding of farm-city connections that provide food, fiber, and shelter.

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Lexington County Farm-City programs tell the story of rural-urban interdependence in the food and fiber system. Farm-City develops programs that bring farmers and non-farmers together and fosters a greater understanding between rural and urban communities. The members of the Lexington County Farm-City Committee believe that by sharing common values we can increase opportunities for the community. Our goal is to make a difference, individually and collectively, in our community. If you would like more information on the Lexington County Farm-City programs, contact a committee member near you.

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Potato Production
Tyler Ryan, our City Guy, learns how potatoes are grown on Walther Farm in Windsor, SC.

City Guy Tyler Ryan (left), with Potato Grower Jeremy Walther (right)

Walther Farm is a 3rd generation family-owned business. They are a family of sports men and women who love to hunt and fish and who have a passion to farm. The farm employs more than 150 people in 14 communities feeding 5 million people and delivers their product in hours, not days/52 weeks of the year. Walther employs innovative farming practices that make potatoes last longer in storage and employs new technologies to sustain and monitor environments ideal to storing potatoes. In fact, they can run the entire farm from an Ipad or Iphone anywhere in the world. Walther Farm cultivates career opportunities for people.

Click to learn more about Planting Potatoes, Walther Farm, and Potato Facts.

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