Lexington County Farm-City

to strengthen the understanding of farm-city connections that provide food, fiber, and shelter.

Welcome to Lexington County Farm-City!

Lexington County Farm-City programs tell the story of rural-urban interdependence in the food and fiber system. Farm-City develops programs that bring farmers and non-farmers together and fosters a greater understanding between rural and urban communities. The members of the Lexington County Farm-City Committee believe that by sharing common values we can increase opportunities for the community. Our goal is to make a difference, individually and collectively, in our community. If you would like more information about how you can make a difference, contact a Lexington County Farm-City Committee member near you.

Ag Works!

Growing the Midlands. Growing South Carolina.

Growing hops in Camden for the Old Mill Brewpub in Lexington     - a farm and city partnership. Tyler Ryan, our City Guy, learns all about growing hops and brewing beer with Matt Rogers on Hazelwood Farm in Camden. See Tyler's Blog for the full story.

City Guy Tyler Ryan (left) and Hops Grower/Brewer Matt Rogers (right)


Watch Ag Works - Farm Eye for the City Guy with Tyler Ryan on WACH Fox 57 Good Day Columbia.

Click to learn more about growing hops on Hazelwood Farm.

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